_Abacus is a full-featured, all-purpose, complete calculator. Abacus can calculate numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, and more. You can convert units and calculate percents, even do math with fractions! Abacus can compare decimals and fractions; and also just do basic calculations and trigonometry. Geometry is one of Abacus's best features. You can calculate the perimeter of a square, find the area of a hexagon, use the Pythagorean theorem to calculate the missing length of the side of a triangle; you can even draw a shape with the Shape Builder. All of these features are just a small fraction of the things this powerful calculator can do! Abacus will most likely be available 2013/14.

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Joel Janzen
11/23/2011 9:31pm

I love the features planned for Abacus! I especially love it for it's user-friendliness. Keep up the great work!! :)

11/23/2011 9:34pm

Nice Website! I like the plans for Abacus, too! All the best!

Cheviot Acres
11/28/2011 3:03pm

Thanks for the help in making our website! We appreciate your help

12/16/2011 6:47pm

Love the mobile site!

Ben P.
12/17/2011 11:46am

this sounds like something I would definately want

02/22/2012 9:05am

The first abacus was used in the ancient times. It's amazing that it is still used by some nowadays. That just goes to show how effective a calculating tool it is. I think an abacus mobile application will be a hit, especially to children, don't you think?

02/22/2012 1:23pm

Great insight!
And yes, a mobile app is definitely in the plan. It is a great way to get kids, teenagers, and adults alike engaged in math and to help them solve problems on the go.

03/23/2012 4:01am

I especially love it for it's user-friendliness. Keep up the great work!! :)

J. J.
04/01/2012 9:20am

I am VERY EXCITED about the release of Abacus!! I hear it is great for school! Work will be much easier!!

07/28/2012 12:07am

Excellent! I admire all the helpful data you've shared in your articles. I'm looking forward for more helpful articles from you. :)

Joseph Aidan


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